Play Online Slots Machines

Slots or fruit machines are traditionally mechanical coin-operated gambling that the machine is done. For several years, the slot machines often equipped with computers and the roles are not mechanical, but digital. The principle has remained the same. In exchange for the coins you get points that you can play. For example, you get 20 points for 1 euro. This can differ per slot. has a slot reels with images of fruitless or other symbols that are often based on the theme of the slot machine.

With the start button or lever you start rolling. One by one they will stop automatically without affecting that you can practice out of it. Depending on the number of roles you play, you can bet more. So there are slots with three reels, but there are also 6 or 8 or roll! Also, the number of lines you played may differ. Generally money: the more reels and pay lines, the higher the stakes. Each slot has a winnable.

Depending on the combination you are running and what the payout of any combination you will receive a prize. Combinations of at least two images in a row usually earn points. But not always. Please refer always to the description of the slot you want to play. Often, you can also increase the price with a bonus game (egg a head / tail game). Most slot machines are fitted with extra jackpots , free spins and bonus games and rounds.

These all provide additional opportunities for a nice price. Slots and slot machines are among the most popular casino games. You will find on this website many slot machines back. Try them out! On the right side of this website you will find the most played slot back and there is something for everyone have a fun slot game available.