Play Online Baccarat Game

We hope you've been paying attention to the additional fee in case the bets to win the dealer. This strange move was forced, because not whether this commission rate on the bank would have a positive expectation. As you can see, the rate of draw horrible in terms of player. It is even possible to compare with a similar rate for the draw in the War of the casino - though there is this value even more.

But other values we should rejoice. One percent advantage hardly felt in a rare game at low stakes. So that all beginners and amateurs should be happy. And that's not all the interesting facts. Probability of winning is 45.86% of the dealer, the player - 44.62%. The remaining 9.52% is the draw. A little later, you will learn why the bank wins more often. In the meantime, you need to pay attention to the significant chances of victory in the first two cases. Again, a correlation with the game Casino War.

High chance also tell us that play baccarat is very interesting, because long periods of losses are extremely rare (of course, if you do not bet on a draw). Besides frequent victories reduce the variance of the game. In other words, the player wins often, but gradually. The second thing to remember: the rate on bank always profitable bets on the player. Some casinos offer a 4% probability commission instead of 5%. In this case, the advantage of the casino is reduced to 0.6%. But this condition is extremely rare. If you find such a place, hold on to it all limbs.

So, we found the basic mathematical laws in force in this card game. It's time to go to the main point - how, in fact, it is best to play baccarat. The first thing to understand: a bet on a draw completely unprofitable. It is simply unacceptable. It should be shunned always and everywhere. Besides payment of 9 to 1 is considered to be a good option. Sometimes the payment is even lower - 8 to 1.