Online Roulette Game

Roulette is known for one of the oldest casino games and is also one of the easiest to learn. Everything you need to know to be able to play roulette are your favorite numbers and colors. Whether you do this playing in a live casino or online, it will be no trouble the casino game of Roulette to get the hang.

If you look at the roulette wheel, you see that there is a playing field with the numbers 0, 00 (only in American roulette) and 1 to 36. The numbers are alternately black and red boxes. The roulette ball can be after a turn in one of those boxes. This is vital in order to be a winner. Player for a long time If you play regularly on machines then you know that the smallest extra percentages are very important. It is therefore of utmost importance to find a payoff of 9/6 a machine.

on the court you will see that there are side bets, areas that are red or black anagoges, odd or even, first, second or third column, first, second or third dozen, and the first half and second half. Once you get your money put down on an (online) roulette table, you will receive an equivalent amount of chips with a specific color. This is just to distinguish it from the others who play at the table.

You can go anywhere on the court filing chips, as much as you want., Depending on the tapeline, The chips are placed on a number pay if the ball lands on the number in the wheel. You can split your bet between two, four or six numbers and receive a lower payout if one of them falls. You can also put your chips on one of the side bets or zero or double zero. You get paid if a number is that you have bet. On Or if a zero or double zero. Depending on your deployment, you get paid in proportion to your bet. This ratio is shown in the table .